Monday, February 9, 2009

BJCP Exam Study Guide

There's a ton of information available at the BJCP site.

The Exam Study Guide is excellent. It has all of the 90 T/F questions, with answers. It also has a bunch of sample essay questions. Here's an example of one of them that would leave me in deep trouble right now:
Identify three top-fermenting beer styles where the maximum original gravity does not exceed 1.040. Beer styles that are variations of each other based on color, strength or other subtle differences do not count as distinctly different for the purposes of this question. For each style provide a statement describing the style as well as the differences and similarities between the styles by addressing the following topics:
6 points
Describe the aroma, appearance, flavor, and mouthfeel of each sub-style as in the BJCP Style Guidelines.

2 points
Identify at least one aspect of the ingredients (malts, hops, water chemistry) or background information (history, fermentation techniques and conditions, or serving methods) that distinguishes each sub-style.

1 point
For each of the sub-styles name at least one classic commercial example as listed in the BJCP Style Guidelines.

1 point
Describe the similarities and differences between the three sub-styles.

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