Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beer Twitter

Twitter is a great place to talk with people about beer. For those of you unfamiliar with the service, it's a social networking site where anyone can post a 140-character message about what they are currently doing. There are over 5 million people currently on Twitter and the number is growing exponentially. Many of these people "tweet" daily about beer, whether it's beer reviews, homebrewing tips, or just an update from Charlie Papazian about his travels around the world.

To get set up, just go to www.twitter.com, once you create a page, here are some great beer related links:

CharliePapazian - The Godfather of homebrew
BrewingNetwork - Brewing podcast
BasicBrewing - Another great brewing podcast
Bullevard73 - Local Kansas City beer blogger
Draftmag - Draft Magazine
MoreBeer_B3 - Beer, Beer, and More Beer: the homebrew shop
TheFullPint - Beer reviews
GatheringBrews - Homebrewers
RealBeer - Beer news

And me... though I don't specialize in beer-related information.

These are just the ones that I follow, are there any out there that you recommend?

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