Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Great Beer Knowledge

I haven't talked to many of you, but I was disappointed in my written score. For some reason (the mug of 75th Street's Brown Ale I had for lunch before the test?), I totally skipped the third question - and it was one of the comparison questions I could have racked up some points on. Plus, I made a couple bone-headed mistakes on the Weizen recipe. I wound up with a 62 on the written portion, which embarrasses the hell out of me, but encourages me to read and learn more.

I just signed up for the National Homebrewers Conference in Minneapolis in June. My wife is wonderful beyond belief.

In the process of signing up, I stumbled upon the archive of prior presentations - a tremendous amount of well-presented information on topics ranging from "Everything You've Wanted to Know About Beer Proteins, But Were Hesitant to Ask" to "Great Brewery Tours Around The World: How to make the most of your beer travel experiences". It's kind of like internet porn for beer geeks.

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  1. I have asked around and it seems that some people did alright and other not so much. I have yet to find anyone that admits to a score 70 or over.

    I myself did much better on the tasting than on the written portion. Next time I am going to skip the tasting and focus on the essay questions.